Guitar lessons with Greg

We use an adaptation of the Kodály pedagogy for the guitar lessons. This involves learning a lot by ear, with rhythmic games and movement. Little by little the pupil learns the language of music: scales, chords, different notes … step by step, we discover the wonders and versatility of the guitar, exploring styles from jazz to pop, to classical, to traditionnal or latin American music!

A good age to start guitar is 8 years old. Before this age we recommend that children participate in group classes. This helps develop their musical skills through singing and games, making instrument classes a lot easier when they’re old enough to begin.

Guitar lessons are taught in groups of 2 to 3 children. There are no individual lessons. This is because learning with a friend is more fun and a great way to stay motivated! Pupils play lots of duets, with one doing the melody and the other the accompaniment and vice versa.

Fees for Guitar Lessons (taught only in duo)
(45 minutes = €22 per pupil)
September–December14 lessons€308
January–March11 lessons€242
April–June11 lessons€242