The best age for starting piano is 7 – 10 years old.

For younger children who show an interest in music we recommend
that they participate in the group-singing classes.
This will help them develop a good sense of rhythm and pulse
so that they’ll be flying it when they’re old enough to start an instrument ☺

Individual lessons

Individual lessons are possible for either 30, 45 or 60 minutes. I specialise in classical repertoire, but I am also happy to teach popular music, song accompaniments, light jazz and other styles. The pieces chosen are always adapted for the pupil, according to their level and their musical interests.

Pupils learn to analyse the pieces that they are learning so that they instinctively “feel” how to interpret the music. There is an emphasis on memorisation so that the pupil has a mastered repertoire that they can play. Throughout the year there will be two informal concerts for pupils to showcase their pieces, either as soloists or as duets if they wish.

There will also be the option of entering the annual RIAM piano examinations, the Feis Ceoil in Dublin and other feiseanna throughout the year.

Group lessons

For beginners I offer a 45 minute class for 2 pupils at a time. Each child receives 10 minutes of one-to-one time and the rest of the class is dedicated to singing and clapping games as well as duet playing. These children’s songs are wonderful for developing a sense of rhythm and pulse as well as training the inner ear. The pupils learn how to notate the songs on a score and to play them on the piano. They compose their own simple accompaniment for each piece so that they can play duets, each taking turns to play the melody or the accompaniment. Each lesson is a balanced mix of theory, technique, improvisation, and performance.

All ages and levels are welcome, from 6 to 106 – you are never too old to start!
Enrolments for children are on a yearly basis.
A flexible enrollment of 6 weeks is available for adults.
Trial lessons are possible for anyone curious to give it a go!

Fees for Piano Lessons
(€22 per 30 minutes)
  30 minutes solo class
or 45 minutes duet class (price per pupil)
45 minutes solo1 hour solo
September–December14 lessons€308€462€616
January–March11 lessons€242€363€484
April–June11 lessons€242€363€484